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Have you ever just felt like you’ve had enough of the hassle when it comes to relationships? The constant questions, not to mention the difficulty when it comes to actually organizing time together when you both have work or family commitments.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had someone at your every beck and call, there when you wanted them and gone when you didn’t. Giving you the time and space to get on with your life when you need to, without missing all the fun of a relationship. Seems an impossibility doesn’t it, but what if we told you that you could?

Hush Escorts Stockport can provide the answer to your problems

Here at Hush, a Stockport Escort Agency we can provide the answer to your problems, with beautiful and might we add convenient Stockport Escorts. For many, the time constraints of a relationship can often mean never having one at all, with some choosing to invest their time in their careers or hobbies, but just because you’ve chosen to stick with the career you’ve invested years in, why should you miss out on the fun and sexy company of a good woman? Well now you don’t need to, with our services provided to residents and visitors alike in Stockport, you could have your proverbial cake and eat it too.

Ease and Convenience of booking a stockport escort

And the best bit about our services is the convenience. Many people choose to use escort services simply because of the convenience it comes with. Instead of having to meet someone and book a date in advance, which can often be hard to stick to if you’re a particularly busy person, you can just pick up the phone and book someone for that evening. So no plans have to be cancelled; if you want to work late, then work late or if you want to go out for the night with the lads without the guilty feeling of cancelling on someone, then you can.

And it’s all simply because you don’t have to make any plans or any promises to anyone but yourself. A call to our office with some information as to who you want, when you want them and how long for will mean the woman of your dreams making her way to you in minutes. It couldn’t be easier and more convenient.


When it comes to STOCKPORT ESCORT AGENCIES, we like to think we set ourselves aside from the rest with our high-end service. From the minute you click on our website, or make your call to us, right the way through to the end of your time with the escort of your choosing, we endeavor to provide a high quality service that makes you feel important and desired.

We also ensure our services are as discreet as possible, so no matter where you are or who you’re meeting, the only ones that need know are yourself and us. Do something for yourself for a change and book a Stockport escort, we guarantee you’ll love our way of life. 

Ice breakers for your Manchester Escorts

Ice breakers for your Manchester Escorts

For the first timers out there, when it comes to hiring an escort, it can all seem a little daunting and the thought of spending an evening or night alone, just the two of you, at your place or a hotel can perhaps feel a little awkward.

When it comes to first dates, starting off with an activity of some sort tends to go down well, as it gives you the chance to chat, break the ice and start to feel more comfortable. So here at Hush, we thought we’d throw a few ideas your way of things to do, or ice breakers if you will, for a first date with one of our Manchester Escorts.


Chinatown is always an awesome experience, full to the brim with amazing authentic Chinese food and some seriously interesting shops. It’s a great experience and gives you both so much to talk about, with the likely outcome being that you end up feeling totally comfortable around your escort with you even realising it.

Adventurous first date

For those looking for an adventurous first date that will really get your blood pumping for an exciting evening ahead when you’re finally alone, then something like Ariel Extreme located at the Trafford centre would be perfect. A high ropes adventure course is ideal for thrill seekers who love challenges. It couldn’t be more perfect for breaking the ice, especially when it puts you both in such a vulnerable position. Ideal for bonding and really getting to know each other, before a more intimate date back at yours.

Bars and clubs

Here at Hush, a Manchester escort agency, our ladies can be just as sporting and competitive as you guys, so how about a night at the Dog Bowl? A cool bowling alley guaranteed to get you and your escort in the mood for extra fun later at one of the hundreds of bars and clubs dotted around the city. Impress with a strike or why not make a sexy bet?

Go to a restaurant

For those wanting a little bit more of a modern yet relaxed atmosphere, than maybe one of the numerous restaurants around the northern quarter would be ideal, such as “Wood”. Doing something like this will give you the ideal opportunity to have a bite to eat and a few drinks to fuel up for an even more wild night, wherever that may be.  

Our gorgeous girls will look after you

For first timers who worry they may suffer from nerves or anxiety, a first date like one of the above are ideal. Relaxed, casual and guaranteed to get you talking and feeling fine, ready for one of our sexy, sassy ladies to really show you how to let your hair down when they’re around. If you’re looking through Manchester escort agencies then allow us here at Hush to really show you just how well our gorgeous girls will look after you, we guarantee they’ll have you coming back for more.

What makes a good client for Wigan Escorts?

Wigan Escorts

When it comes to our ladies, we like to make sure they’re treated right, so here we’re going to share with you what we think makes a good client for our Wigan Escorts.

Treat with respect

First and foremost a good client recognises that our girls are individual ladies. Often men that haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with an escort before can often struggle with this, not understanding the concept that an escort is more than just paid company. Now we’re not asking for you to talk to her about her life story, but merely show a little respect. You’re paying for company from another human being, not a new set of alloys for your car.

Pay upfront, no fuss

A good client will always pay the escort up front, with the agreed amount with no fuss. Any decent client will understand the rules and will happily obey them. There may be a minimal amount of rules but they’re there for a good reason. So paying without discussion and without drawing a lot of attention to it is in the best taste.

Be clean

It’s always appreciated if a client is clean. Now we’re not talking clean shaven, because who doesn’t love some designer stubble once in a while, but when it comes to clients, showered and smelling nice with fresh breath is a basic necessity. You may be paying for her time, but you also want her to enjoy time with you too, or at least we hope you do.

Dont Haggle

You should never try to negotiate a ‘better deal’. Here at Hush, a Wigan escort agency, our rates are our rates and that’s it. Not only are you saying the woman standing in front of you isn’t worth the money agreed but you’re also putting her in an awkward position, not the best foot to start off on I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Be on time

You must always respect your client’s time. This is essential whether you use one of our beautiful ladies from Hush or any other WIGAN escort agencies. Our girls are in high demand and their time is precious. If they’re late leaving you then they’ll be late for their next client, likewise if the client before you keeps them longer than they should then you’ll find yourself stood waiting for longer than you’d like. And no one likes to wait around when they have paid for a high quality service.

Give your lady the best experience too

Just as much as you want to ensure you have a good time when you arrange to see one of our girls, it’s just as important to ensure our ladies have the best experience possible. A good client makes for a happy escort, and a happy escort makes for an extremely happy client. So next time you’re with one of our girls, have a quick glimpse of this list first, and we guarantee you’ll receive an extra special time.

Endless possibilities with Warrington Escorts

Warrington Escorts

You’ve worked hard all day long and you’re finally on a train or bus home, you’d like to be excited about leaving work but you’re heading home to an empty house, so there’s nothing to get excited about. Well maybe that left over curry from the weekend, the meal for one you ordered. You deserved it, you worked hard all week, just would have been nice to enjoy with someone else, and you’re sure you’ve got a few programmes to watch on your planner. I guess that’s your night then, just you…and the TV. Though it doesn’t have to be you know. You could always invite one of our girls to spend the evening with you?

Here at Hush, a high end Warrington Escort Agency we have a number of stunning women on our books who would absolutely love to spend the evening with you and tear you away from a dull evening in front of the TV with your left over meal for one. With their fun and exciting personalities you really would experience a night like no other, a night of euphoric and earth moving moments, certainly never a dull one. Just as happy to spend the night in too, they’ll turn your normally dull four walls into a space of sheer bliss.

Our Warrington ESCORTS really are something else, simply stunning with curves in all the right places just waiting to be picked for your pleasure. In fact the woman of your dreams could be getting ready right now, as we speak. To think that every click you make on our website, scrolling the gallery of beautiful women, could be another brush stroke through her fresh tousled hair. Flicking from one woman to the next, all the while she’s starting to do her make-up. And by the time you stumble across the one that catches your eye that little bit more than the rest, she’s finished and beginning to get dressed.  

Then all it takes is a phone call from you to say which lady you’d like to meet and spend some time with, and she could be on route to you within minutes. The excitement and tension you’ll feel when you hear her knock on the door will be like nothing you’ve ever known. The thrill of meeting someone new, who you know is not only stunning but seriously eager to impress, is there anything better? It’s a night like no other, guaranteed to be amazing. So pick up that box of leftover food and throw it in the bin, put the remote control down, switch off the TV and give us call. Then choose from the array of beauties at Warrington Escorts Agencies finest agency, Hush. That’s all it takes to turn your life around, just think of the endless possibilities when you’re with Warrington’s most desirable women.

Discreet and high class with Oldham Escorts

Oldham Escort Agency

Without sounding too big headed, we’d like to introduce ourselves as quite possibly the best Oldham Escort Agency around. For the male population who like to enjoy a touch of class when it comes to the women they spend time with, as well as the companies they use, we like to think we tick every box.

Here at Hush escorts, we add a touch of finesse and glamour to every little detail, priding ourselves on our high quality service, ensuring we make every single customer feel super important and valued, because that’s precisely what you are. And with our added promise of absolute discretion, we really don’t think you’ll be able to find another agency quite like us. With customers returning again and again, we know our girls are professionals at what they do.

At Hush, our Oldham Escorts in particular are well known for being absolutely gorgeous and exceptionally good at satisfying each and every customer. We ensure each girl passes our strict criteria when it comes to working for our agency; this is all to ensure our clients are super satisfied and our high standards are always met. So you can rest assured that whenever you book an escort with us you’ll be getting the real deal when it comes to top class material.

With the ability to put you at complete ease in seconds and give you the most thrilling night of your life, you definitely won’t be disappointed. So whether it’s company for an important work function you need, a date to a friend’s party or simply someone to keep you company on those lonely nights, then our girls can help. Absolute ladies when they need to be, they know how to adapt to each and every situation, behaving themselves when they need to and letting their hair down to really get the night started when it’s more appropriate.

You never need to worry; you just simply need to choose. With an extensive gallery offering a multitude of stunning women to suit all tastes, we guarantee you’ll find a woman that will completely rock your world. And it couldn’t be simpler to book one of our girls either, just give us a call and tell us where and when, that’s it. You could have the girl of your dreams on route to you in minutes.

So for a seriously climatic night, where your dreams will undoubtedly become a reality, just book one of our girls. Out of all the Oldham escort agencies we truly believe we’re the best and as soon as you book with us, you’ll see why. So for top quality service, discretion and absolute knock out women who know just how to do their job, give us a call at Hush Escorts. You won’t regret it.