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What makes a good client for Wigan Escorts?

Wigan Escorts

When it comes to our ladies, we like to make sure they’re treated right, so here we’re going to share with you what we think makes a good client for our Wigan Escorts.

Treat with respect

First and foremost a good client recognises that our girls are individual ladies. Often men that haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with an escort before can often struggle with this, not understanding the concept that an escort is more than just paid company. Now we’re not asking for you to talk to her about her life story, but merely show a little respect. You’re paying for company from another human being, not a new set of alloys for your car.

Pay upfront, no fuss

A good client will always pay the escort up front, with the agreed amount with no fuss. Any decent client will understand the rules and will happily obey them. There may be a minimal amount of rules but they’re there for a good reason. So paying without discussion and without drawing a lot of attention to it is in the best taste.

Be clean

It’s always appreciated if a client is clean. Now we’re not talking clean shaven, because who doesn’t love some designer stubble once in a while, but when it comes to clients, showered and smelling nice with fresh breath is a basic necessity. You may be paying for her time, but you also want her to enjoy time with you too, or at least we hope you do.

Dont Haggle

You should never try to negotiate a ‘better deal’. Here at Hush, a Wigan escort agency, our rates are our rates and that’s it. Not only are you saying the woman standing in front of you isn’t worth the money agreed but you’re also putting her in an awkward position, not the best foot to start off on I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Be on time

You must always respect your client’s time. This is essential whether you use one of our beautiful ladies from Hush or any other WIGAN escort agencies. Our girls are in high demand and their time is precious. If they’re late leaving you then they’ll be late for their next client, likewise if the client before you keeps them longer than they should then you’ll find yourself stood waiting for longer than you’d like. And no one likes to wait around when they have paid for a high quality service.

Give your lady the best experience too

Just as much as you want to ensure you have a good time when you arrange to see one of our girls, it’s just as important to ensure our ladies have the best experience possible. A good client makes for a happy escort, and a happy escort makes for an extremely happy client. So next time you’re with one of our girls, have a quick glimpse of this list first, and we guarantee you’ll receive an extra special time.