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Escorts in Liverpool hope for weather change

We want the weather to change - please. I mean come on lets face it, Liverpool weather is not as bad as further up north however regardless of that we just want it to be warm again. Liverpool is oh so nice rain or shine but the ladies really come alive with a little bit of sun. The sun makes us escorts in Liverpool feel much sexier than ever. Having spoken with all the girls they agreed that when the sun is out they do wanna dress to impress.


Liverpool girls, we feel, know how to dress up and we are trying to teach our European girls how fashion comes alive in Liverpool... ignoring orange faces and scouse brows obviously. The girls in Liverpool have always been the easily recognisable ones - have you ever been in Ibiza and seen a bunch of girls glammed up in high heels walking along the beach... yeah, you catch my drift.


So come on sunshine, do us girls a favour and let the men have their eye candy too. We fed up of the cold weather and we wanna take off some clothes. Here comes the sun, The Beatles right...