Hush Escorts

Angel looks over Hush Escorts

Backed by investors, agency manager Angel takes over Hush escorts website from January 2013. From the heart of London to Edinburgh castle, Angel's team have a wealth of experience in the industry having opperated in most major cities across the UK. Running an agency professionally, Angel says, "is more about quality than quantity. We have very high standards and only the best ladies will be represented by Hush Escorts." Angel brings with her a team that will initially be promoting escorts in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.

"I love the Hush branding and the overall feel of the website." "The website fits well within our current portfolio and I am sure we will attract only the highest qualty ladies that want to be represented by an agency that promotes safety and professionalism at all times," said Angel. "We have a lot of respect for the northwest agencies especially those in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. "There are some good Escorts Agencies in Manchester, some of whom we have built really good relationships with over the past 12 years."

Anyone interested in representation should apply online.